NFT Yearbook

The MUFOgallery together with Mexican Art Machine presents The NFT Yearbook collection and the invited projects room is renewed, with the interactive installation Réflex.

Mexican Art Machine Labs is an art foundation that grows roots to intertwine the world of physical and digital art through creativity, ownership and communication. The NFT yearbook exhibition consists of a private collection that will feature the top 10 PFP (Profile Picture) projects in the crypto space.

Each project is displayed on its own television, interspersing images and text so that the audience understands the importance and value of each NFT. The rarities and their mintage are explained alongside each unique character from these art archives.

The participants are: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, CyberkongzCrypto Cannabis Club, Mfers, Time Pieces, J Pierce, Serious and Cool People, Sketchy Ape Book Club and Spottie Wifi

Feel the fruit