Gil Castro is an artist and media director born in Mexico City in 1984. He focuses his work in the fields of interactive and immersive multimedia installations. Inspired by anthroposophy and the relationship between science and art, his work explores new ways we can communicate through art and technology.

Co-founder and Creative Director of INTUS Interactive Design with more than 12 years of experience in the field of interactive technologies and multimedia experiences, Content Director at Artechouse, Co-Founder and CTO at XR Capital.


Reflex is a multimedia interactive art piece created by Mexican artist Gil Castro. In it, users appreciate their self-portraits generated based on the study of computer vision, facial tracking, optical dynamics and graphics in real time.

The piece raises a reflection on the perception of the self and what is beyond what our senses perceive; It is inspired by the division of the human entity proposed by Rudolf Steiner. It is a journey with digital mirrors that reveal the 9 bodies that make up the human being according to anthroposophy.

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