Tundra is a multimedia art collective formed in 2013 and focused oncreating multisensory spatial experiences by exploring facets of interaction between light,sound, space, and human perception.

Tundra collective is known for works presented at festivals and museums of multimedia art inAmerica, Europe and Asia
The Day We Left Field

An immersive, site-specific audiovisual installation inspired by the natural environment and its place in the landscape of modern cities.

In "The Day We Left Field" nature in its primary form, the blades of grass, are the main character.

As in a surreal painting, the blades of grass keep moving rhythmically upside down in a cocoon of sound and visual effects forming a floating meadow. Visitors are completely immersed within the eerie space of a dream, feeling vulnerable and at the same time aware of the open symbolism that comes from seeing living nature within a closed urban landscape, a room located within a building.

This dissonant cohabitation evokes a long list of binary oppositions, such as synthetic vs. natural, real vs. virtual, human vs. machine and so on. Viewers experiencing the artwork cannot help but feel that we are part of both elements in these combinations.

“The Day We Left The Field” uses digital power to generate a reflection on the delicate balance between the human and the artificial. The authors of this installation, the Russian collective TUNDRA, belong to that typology of artists whose works cannot be reduced to narrative patterns. Their work can be seen as contemporary evolutions of the happening, in which inhabiting the installation is part of the work of art.