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Welcome to the future.

MUFO It is a space designed so that each one of your senses explodes, to stimulate your imagination and inspire your mind. A space that breaks down barriers, that invites you to travel without having to move, to savor the sounds, to listen by touch and to dream with your eyes open.

MUFO is the museum of the future. A new way of experiencing a museum, through the senses, with narratives and spaces created by the pioneering minds of experiential art.

At MUFO you can enter the stimuli of digital art, taste a dish, have a cocktail or explore our gallery in the Metaverse.

MUFO is an epicenter of art, design, creativity, gastronomy and mixology that revolutionizes immersive experiences with unique proposals and avant-garde flavors. A living space with weekly activities to delve into this new way of experiencing a museum.



Gastronomy & Mixology

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